Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spider House Cafe

Brando and I discovered the magic that is Spider House the other evening with friends of ours. From the rocking seats and each totally unique seating area,
to their interesting but still somehow beautiful fountain, to the eclectic, brightly colored, fun displays, to the decoration area next to the fire pit, Spider House Cafe definitely captured my attention.Unfortunately I don't have much to say on the food items, as I only ordered a Dos XX. The friends with us ordered the Frito Pie and didn't like it, but her taste buds and mine are totally opposite so if I liked Frito Pie I may have liked it. It did look quite fresh and that's saying something if I'm saying that about a Frito Pie.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Austin Fall Favorite

September was very chill. One of my favorite things I discovered was chilling at Zilker Park with the gorgeous skyline in the background. This was the color of the grass before Austin City Limits. The texture was like carpet.

A girlfriend, Jackie, and I went yesterday and it had been trampled to a dry brown. However, the weather was still gorgeous and there was still the tiniest hint of green peeking back through, enough that it was still just as enjoyable and relaxing to chill on a blanket with a magazine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Readers

Any suggestions for a blog reader? My favorite reader, Bloglines, is about to close November 1st, and I don't want my love of reading blogs to go with it. I love the folder capabilities. I can categorize all my blogs and go right to the blog posts I want to read without sifting through all of the new posts. On top of that, it lets me pick the specific blogs posts in that folder that I want to read, and doesn't show me all of the new posts for all the blogs at once. Any suggestions for readers that have these capabilities?

Also, I attempted to mobile post this, but no such luck. Maybe I'm missing something with the mobile posting.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Giving this mobile posting thing a go:
So many perks to volunteering. The first of which is a huge sense of satisfaction, motivation, and production. Volunteering with my best friend, KT, has the added benefit of three hours of (almost) uninterrupted girlie chat time, plus a celebration lunch of giving back afterwards. On top of all that, we get to enjoy yummy treats like these delicious chocolate covered rice krispy treats of which we used the ribbon ties to make rings out of. I'd post a picture of that, along with a better picture of the rice krispy treat, however I wasn't intending to post them and included brightly colored contact information as the background. Enjoy the thought and if you can figure out how to make them this way on your own, definitely let me know!


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