Monday, April 30, 2007


Yeah that stuff. It becomes VERY interesting after becoming a parent. At first it's hard because you've got a baby that doesn't care what you're doing when they decide to have a poopy diaper or be hungry or want to wake up in the middle of the night. Doesn't give a freaking hoot. On the other hand you don't have to be as careful with a baby about your conversation, when it's time to put the baby to bed so Mommy and Daddy can go have Mommy and Daddy time, etc. Then they get a little older. At first it's nice because they sleep through the night, not that they didn't when they were babies but they aren't so close to you in proximity when they are sleeping at this point. Then they get even more older. And they get up and knock on your door. In the middle of Mommy and Daddy time. When you are running for covers when the door is locked just so you don't seem like you were walking around the room unclothed for the fun of it, it's a whole other realm. Then when they stand there listening at the door? S told us what they heard when they were standing at the door listening unbeknownst to us, fortunately it had nothing to do with the actual subject matter, rather something about singing. Oh yeah. I will laugh my butt off when my kids are able to read this. Actually J could read most of it now, which is why he won't be allowed on my blog for a very long time :).

Which takes me on another random note, for those of us with 'private' blogs do you ever think about the fact that as our children grow up, seeing us blog every moment in time they will suddenly hit a certain age (who knows what that age is) where our blogs aren't going to be so private anymore? That just hit me. I guess it's when they really start using the computer and tell Oma, "Oh yeah, Mommy's blog address is http://www..." that I really have to start to worry.



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