Monday, March 07, 2005

Oooh Fun Fun FUN

1. How did you meet your husband? I love to tell this story. We met through a mutual friend at his going away to college good-bye party. I brought Big Guy who was about 3 months old and 4 or 5 guys were standing around me talking to me. One of them was crouched down next to the carseat with the sleeping baby, just staring at him. I wondered who this strange guy was that kept staring at my baby. We both ended up going to the same party later that night where he insulted some girl by telling her and everybody standing around how much cuter I was than her and later that night asked for my number. Unfortunently for him he wasn't the best at planning dates so when he called for a date the next day and kept saying he didn't know what we were going to do, he said he'd call me in a few hours around noon but when he finally called at 4pm I'd already made other plans. We ran into each other again through the same mutual friend and I asked him why he never called me back. He said he thought I had brushed him off, and I said no, I just wasn't going to be taken on a date that didn't even have a time set for him to pick me up. That night he got my number again and when he called he said he'd pick me up at 6pm on the day of. And as they say, the rest is history. Although there was another cute story that night, but I'll save that for another post.

2. If you owned your own restaurant, what kind of restaurant would it be? And, would you use your own recipes (as opposed to hiring an outside chef)? Do you know me or what? I LOVE this question. It would be a restaurant with a Mediterranean flair - olives, feta, red onion, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, artichokes and artichoke hearts. Oh, sorry, you didn't ask me to describe the staple ingredients. I wouldn't stick to one cuisine in particular, although that would be my main flair, I would give myself freedom to experiment with different flavours. I would definently use my own recipes. Probably most of them modified from other recipes, but distinctively my own.

3. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? That's what I had wanted to post about - thanks for the reminder. This is a tough question right now because that very idea has been stirred up in our minds. It would be someplace VERY warm in the summers, but not over 95, not too freezing in the winter, though a little snow might be good :) . Away from family but not too far of a drive to go visit for a weekend and still with a completely different mindset than that of California's - one that actually nurtures and supports a family - and has a strong home-schooling support system. You wanted a specific place? I'm not sure it exists. Hawaii possibly? Moved only an hour boat trip away from Cali.

4. If you could hear what someone is thinking for a day, who would you choose? My husband. I would want to know exactly why it is that things roll so very easily off his back and how he comes up with the random but intelligent stuff he does when I ask him what he is thinking. And I would want to know exactly how he comes up with the perfect things he says exactly when I need it.

5. If you had a time machine, where would you go and why? I would go to the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the days of pretty dresses and carefree days. No cell phones, no TVs, no constant entertainment except the land and each other. The days where people actually worked during the day and were exhausted by the time nightfall came and would fall instantly asleep. No nearby hospitals, the closest town being 6 miles and a day's trip away, okay with two boys I'm rethinking this whole thought process. Let's just say I'd definitely want to be able to come back right away. In the meantime I'd love to have time to just appreciate the 'smell of the roses', what it takes to live in a time where there isn't the instant entertainment factor and where there wasn't all this junk and processed food available and the food you cooked you grew yourself, or raised.

Ok, now it's your turn, leave me a comment if you'd like your own personalized interview. Update: I won't interview you unless you request so don't be afraid to leave a comment if you're too busy to interview.



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