Tuesday, April 05, 2005

100 Things

1. My favorite thing to wear is strapless or cami tank tops.
2. My favorite seasons are spring and summer.
3. In relation to the above, I love to wear summer dresses.
4. Or as little as possible.
5. I wasn't always a girly-girl.
6. I've learned to be a girly-girl over the earrings.
7. My favorite accessories are big earrings.
8. My other favorite accessory is any of the jewelry Brando has given me.
9. I've been married for eleven years.
10. I got married at 19 and haven't looked back.
11. My husband and I renewed our vows last year for our tenth anniversary.
12. Our vow renewal was bigger, way more beautiful, and way easier than our wedding.
13. My husband and I have been to Hawaii twice in the last three years.
14. My Aunt has a house there that we only recently realized we could use.
15. As soon as I realized we could use it I was on it.
16. My favorite part of a trip is planning an itinerary and then following it.
17. I am amazing at tying all the research I find together to find interesting things to do.
18. I also love finding secret spots to visit that only the locals know about.
19. My husband and I just started decorating our house for the first time ever.
20. In less than two months my house has come together more than it ever has before.
21. I used to be much more organized with my house than I am now.
22. I've let my house fall more by the wayside in lieu of having more adventures.
23. My husband and I would like to start a business together.
24. We don't know the first thing about working together.
25. We started a blog together to try and learn to work together.
26. Starting that blog together has been an adventure.
27. The blog still isn't ready to go live.
28. I look forward to the day it is.
29. I love my kids.
30. I have two boys.
31. They are now soon to be twelve and nine.
32. I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world.
33. They are turning into amazing men.
34. Especially the oldest.
35. The youngest is still growing in that area.
36. Together they have been to a total of five schools.
37. I'll admit, the school thing took me awhile to figure out.
38. The oldest one got the brunt of it, having been to all five of those schools.
39. The younger one is a handful.
40. He is very assertive with his personality.
41. On the other hand he is so sweet and thoughtful.
42. I never imagined myself as a mother at 19.
43. Much less a mother of an eleven year old at 29.
44. I thought I would go to college.
45. Become a teacher.
46. Possibly be an old maid.
47. Because I thought I wanted that.
48. How wrong was I.
49. I may’ve been happy doing that.
50. If that’s what was meant for my life.
51. It wasn’t.
52. I got pregnant at 17.
53. I had my first baby at 17.
54. I met my husband-to-be at 18.
55. I married at 19.
56. I grew up a lot between the ages of 16 and 19.
57. You might say I was a different person.
58. I’m glad.
59. Who knows where my life would’ve been had I not gotten pregnant.
60. I was in a bad relationship.
61. A relationship where the guy actually felt he could say to me have an abortion or I’ll leave you.
62. He did.
63. I’m so glad.
64. My husband is amazing.
65. I couldn’t have imagined a more wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with.
66. He is so strong at times.
67. And soft at others.
68. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him.
69. Before I dated him I saw him with a friend playing video games at the Boardwalk.
70. I thought to myself, why can’t I get a cute boyfriend like that?
71. I tell him this now to stroke his ego.
72. He loves it.
73. Now I want to run a business with my husband.
74. A business that will allow us plenty of time as a family, vacationing together and working together.
75. In the past I've home-schooled my children.
76. It worked for the moment.
77. I wasn't really disciplined or organized enough to be effective.
78. I sometimes wish I had just kept them in one school so they would have more than a few people they've known for years.
79. I love to hike.
80. Three years ago you would not have known that.
81. I have a wonderful friend who taught me to "hike" by looking twelve seconds ahead so I wasn't always falling over my feet like I used to.
82. She opened my eyes to the beauty of nature via hiking.
83. Now people are amazed at all the places I find to hike.
84. I’m amazed at all the place I find to hike.
85. There is so much peace in nature.
86. I love it.
87. I love to hike in the places I vacation in.
88. I've hiked some of the most gorgeous places in Hawaii.
89. Including atop the beach where Sports Illustrated shoots their swimsuit edition.
90. My favorite hike so far has been down a cliff to tidal pools on the southeast side of Oahu.
91. Hiking anywhere brings me peace.
92. I love that I love it.
93. I love chocolate.
94. I don't eat chocolate as much anymore because the caffeine breaks me up and makes my chest tender.
95. I do still love my ice cream.
96. Occasionally, depending on my mood, I'll have a bowl every night.
97. The first time I did my 100 things I thought I'd have a hard time.
98. The second time (this time) I did my 100 things I thought I'd have a hard time.
99. I didn't.
100. Both took less than five minutes.
This has been updated as of April 12, 2011. See my original 100 Things here.

What are your 100 things?


Larissa said...

Hey, you!

I just read your profile, and felt like I found a kindred spirit. Our mid-twenties are so tumultuous. I too have experienced depression this year (and still am). Maybe we can help keep each others' chin up, huh?


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