Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kayaking Barton Springs

Justinbustin's special request for his birthday was to go kayaking with his dad so he could get his own kayak. On Memorial Day we decided to all go kayaking - and he still got his own kayak. Shawners still has a little while before we make him paddle on his own, especially since this was the first time he didn't absolutely refuse to go! If you haven't been already, kayaking is the perfect activity where you can be active, still stay cool, and relax when you want to.
Especially amongst the gorgeous scenery on the way to Town Lake via Barton Springs.
Zilker Park Boat Rentals is the perfect place to rent kayaks from. We've rented from other kayak rental places along Town Lake previously, but I fell in love with Zilker Park Boat Rentals. The guys are friendly and conversational but aren't too picky about what boat, lifejacket or paddle you choose, the location is perfect to ease you into the water without sending you into deep water immediately and let you play in it for a few minutes to cool off afterwards,
the current gives you an easy lift to the lake,
and from there you can head west

or east
and see an abundance of equally beautiful scenery either way. We chose west, but we made sure to get plenty of pictures with the skyline in the background that you would see closer up if you headed east. Not to mention the scenery on the way to and from the lake is absolutely stunning in and of itself.
One of my favorite things is the boat entry is perfectly shallow and non-scary. No having to hold the boat steady in case you fall overboard into twenty feet deep water or floating docks that waver as you walk on them to get there.
The best part is if you go on Monday-Friday or before noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays aka before it gets too hot you can rent one boat and get one free, or rent one boat for an hour and get an hour free. Our entire hour and fifteen minutes trip cost us a measly $11.75! Can't beat that and the scenery!

What would a trip to Barton Springs be without a milkshake and a hamburger from P. Terry's to round it off? Even better, is running into Kiley there!


linda said...

looks fun!
two of my best friends in austin are leaving austin :(
and we've chosen to kayak townlake (none of us have)
and i'm nervous

see i cant swim!

i miss your blogs, lady. hope you are well

Amanda said...

I'm so jealous! That looks so relaxing and pretty. My dad keeps eyeing kayaks and I go "getonegetone" so I can borrow it

Pink Sun Drops said...

Linda - You can't swim?! Seriously?! Get swimming lessons girl! It's a blast. But, still, you'll be fine kayaking - that's what the lifejackets are for. Do start off with the barton springs kayak location if you can - the shallowness of the water will be much less intimidating.

Amanda - They are so much fun and relaxing. That would be so fun to have one to put in anywhere you want, although I do enjoy the convenience of not having to lug it anywhere : ) .


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