Friday, April 17, 2015

Driver and a Baby

Today my nearly 16 year old drove me home. I smell Axe as he walks out of the shower. He carries my La Croix for me out of the grocery store and into the house, along with everything else. He gives me a hug. Feels like a hug from a man. Somehow he was my baby almost 16 years ago. This happened in a blink. Tomorrow he will be out of my house. I am so, so, so grateful for Logan. I have tears as I type the previous to the last sentence. If I didn't have Logan I'd be in an all out fetal position sobbing.

This growing up is so beautiful. So difficult. Letting go. Letting them be an adult with an opinion of their own. Different from yours. Even though you raised them with all your opinions. They come back at you with wisdom you don't recognize. Where did that come from? Thank God He brings others in his life. Having duplicates of ourselves for children wouldn't change the world. I pray he has a heart for God and to serve others, full of character.


Mrs. Architect said...

Yay that it is not excema!!! Time passing and babies growing up is so bittersweet. I focus on the positive of it because it is inevitable, and I would rather be happy than depressed. And the day will come that there will be no more babies, and I don't want to be filled with sorrow - but rather joyful that I got to experience it and look forward to the new adventures ahead. This is all a lesson learned from my own mom who tarnished some really exciting times in my life, because she was so consumed with sadness over everything. I don't want to be that way for my kids, so I am choosing JOY in all of the new memories that are to come!


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