Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cozy Little Community

This morning I woke up realizing how lucky I am being in a gorgeous apartment with 9 ft. high crown moulded ceilings, closets four times as big as my walk in closet when I was growing up, a laundry room with plenty of room beyond the washer and dryer, an island in my kitchen which I've always wanted, as well as a beautiful tiled back splash, a serene porch "verandah" with a three foot high rock wall and a gorgeous tree covered arroyo for our view with priceless orange and pink and gold sunsets. In addition to all that, two of my bestest friends and baby girl live right next door, my brother-in-law and children's uncle lives right next door on the other side.


my life is brilliant said...

It sounds pretty and perfect! It makes me want to see pictures of your kitchen and porch now. :)


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