Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fun Bakeries and Fun Friends

I discovered the BEST bakery yesterday! And one almost as good today!! I heart bakeries. Especially when they are tea room like. The first one is Thyme & Dough out in Dripping Springs where my sweet girl Kels lives. I walked in and breathed Country Court Tea Room, then a little further and took in Gayle's Bakery, two of my very favorite places in Capitola, California. Thyme & Dough is in an adorable little house with a nursery that will be blooming with color come spring. Their cheesecake is out of this world and I can't wait to go with Kels there for lunch. The second was Upper Crust Bakery here in Austin that I've heard of for ages but have never been. I discovered it was on the way to J's chess club the other day and decided to make a point of taking S on a date there while J was at chess club. So we did today. This one reminded me more of The Buttery - a recent but yummy discovery this last year back in Cali - but this one definently has an Austin aged eclectic feel. So so so happy to have found more yummy places! Hey even on a budget they still taste good!


girl from florida said...

We have an uppercrust here too, it's amazing! I try not to let myself go too often, because I inevitably eat toooooo much!


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