Saturday, January 27, 2007

Total Body Workout

My sister took the kids last night to spend the night at her place with my nephew and her so Brando and I took the dog and walked up to the gym. He showed me how to work every single machine. What worked for my arms, my abs, my back, my legs etc. and it was awesome!! He told me to take it easy but I did a little too much on one machine and so I knew I was going to be sore. Then this morning with the kids still gone we went kayaking in Zilker Park on Town Lake for two hours. Talk about sore! It hurts soooo good.

category note thanks to girl


girl from florida said...

oooh I love the label :) Go you go!!! Isn't it a strange, wonderful feeling to be so sore after a workout??

my life is brilliant said...

Can I go with you and Brando to the gym? :)


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