Monday, January 15, 2007


It is freezing and raining outside. We've been watching the temparature drop all day from 39F to 34F where it is right now. When the wind blows there's a windchill of 28F. Tomorrow it's supposed to freeze and everything shut down tonight. Time for scarves, wool coats, fur edged gloves, and my cute new cable knit bag. Love it!

We had the BEST small group tonight. Brando and I are the curriculum coordinators for our Sunday school class and us along with the curriculum team have lined up an awesome lineup for this year's curriculum. God really has done it all - we've asked the questions and scheduled as available. He's worked it perfectly. As a small group we've decided to delve into what we're studying Sunday mornings instead of going off on our own tangent which I'm so excited about. It seems to unite our group having a common thread to start with.

The speaker who spoke in Sunday morning class today spoke on The Five Love Languages and tied it to the Bible which is a perspective I hadn't heard before. He said something interesting, "All truth is God's truth." which I can understand. I read that book and knew it resounded true but didn't know where it was backed up in the Bible. He showed how the story of the Good Samaritan demonstrated all five love languages. I loved that. More than three people came up to me to tell me how excited they are about the curriculum coming up - it gives them a reason to actually want to come to class. I couldn't agree more for ourselves and am so excited others feel the same! It's nice to be really fed spiritually and feel like you're taking in something you can use.


girl from florida said...

First of all- I got the same bag from my MIL for Christmas! Only it's dark cable-knit (I actually really like yours better!). It feels kind of weird for FL!

Second- the girls in our group are about to do the Five Love Languages to explore our communication with one another. I'm excited- I really enjoyed this book when I read it before I got married (I only wish hubby had gotten into it too!!)


Courtney said...

:) Posts about faith always inspire me. I really like.

Courtney said...

that should be "I really like *it*."

L said...

First of all, what is wrong with this picture? . . I haven't worn a coat in four days and Austin temps are in the 30s??

I love your new bag!

That book is such a great book for learning how to have better relationships with one another. Neat to see how God creates each of us uniquely and also relates to each of us uniquely!

my life is brilliant said...

That bag is adorable!!!

I actually read The Five Love Languages right after I started dating K, since our friends had read it before they got married. My friend was always talking about some "love tank," and once I read it, I knew what she meant! It's really good.

And I totally liked Courtney's post without the "it" at the end. It was very Borat of her! :)


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