Monday, January 22, 2007

Texas Weather & January Christmas

It was snowing and 28F degrees on Tuesday and 69F degrees today with a beautifully clear blue sky. That's what we call Texas. We had a late Christmas after church with the my sister's family and were showered with sweet and so very thoughtful Christmas presents in a corner of a little coffeehouse in town. The boys gave sweet and thoughtful gifts of their own they'd picked and wrapped themselves. Christmas in January is perfect. The little coffeehouse we ate had a private room with five comfy chairs, a table, and a few lamps. It was perfect. We had our own little party going there and the employees got in on it. Shawners gave my nephew a gift and my nephew tells him I need a hug and one of the employees walks by and says, "Me too." Brando gave him a hug. Before we left they handed us a stack of free coffee certificates. On the drive home we stopped by this gorgeous restaurant we love to eat just to get pictures of us on the lake in the beautifully clear weather.Goofy Brandon
Sunny Day
This evening.


Anonymous said...

the evening picture is perfect! What a great framing.
- B

Anonymous said...

I could not believe how cold it was when I was out there last week!!! I'm so glad that it has cleared up for you guys:) I LOVE that evening picture, how perfect! was go good chatting with you last week! We have to meet up sometime!

- Kimberly :)

my life is brilliant said...

Love that evening picture! So pretty!


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