Thursday, January 18, 2007


Thanks to London Southern Belle I just found the sweetest website, Inside the Black Apple. Her prints are so creative and thoughtful with as much heart poured into them as possible. Amanda is herself engrossed with all things adorable as well. While I appreciate all things adorable I would not be able to pour out of my soul the adorableness they create, though I would absolutely love to. The Black Apple reminds me so very much of my niece, cute short dark hair, striking features and eyes that have a story to tell, whose poor soul has been tortured by people around her who don't appreciate the dark cuteness that bubbles to the surface. I look forward to her creating similar sorts of creations that I can treasure and keep as part of her in my house twenty four too many hundred miles away.

From The Black Apple Shop. Shawner's favorite and one of mine.



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