Wednesday, January 10, 2007


SO pmsing today at EVERYthing. This dog is eating POOP people. Am I not feeding her enough? Never mind the eating she's actually pooping in my HOUSE and she's getting over the runs. Ugh. The good dog? I'm not sure what happened to her. Maybe she *poof*ed. She's pooping and peeing NEXT to the puppy pad. No, no, not on it. That would be too easy. Grrrr. Could this paragraph have any more frustrated growling sounds?!

Not to mention my internet hasn't worked all day. I thought I was hardwired turns out hubby had set up the wireless AGAIN with the new wireless router that I keep telling him is NOT working. Agh!!

At least the kids are being fabulous, Justinbustin and I got school completely done today and had a blast doing it, I've had ten cookies - maybe that's part of the problem though, and the kids are hilariously copying Ice Age 2's The Meltdown's Sid dance where he makes all the little sloth things dance strangely, and I know I'm supposed to start tomorrow so at least I don't feel like I'm a raging bi-otch though I am totally being one.


Courtney said...

eek!!! No fun at all. Hope tomorrow is better.

girl from florida said...

Yuck! I've been so grumpy all day too. I prescribe chocolate for the both of us. Love you sweetie.


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