Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Freeing My Schedule

Is exactly what I've done this semester. Apparently it's a good thing too because any plans I make are going down the pie hole. Which never happened last semester. I say, want to do something on Tuesday? They say, sure! I'm free. I say how about Thursday? They say no problem, I'm there. This semester? Oh, man I've got plans that night! And I? Have plans the other nights they're available. Only it's priority driven plans, not fillers. Think God's hinting I need to keep my schedule free much? Sometimes I have to force the hand to stop from emailing out, "I'd LOVE to do that!!" which is SO me. At the same time I'm a total homebody that loves to be with my kids and have huge large chunks of time that we can be together. A book club for Moms? Sounds fun! I stopped myself before I hit the send button. A slumber party, read: pleasure? Can't wait! Stopped myself before writing the email on that one. A baby shower? Love to! I actually said I was going to be at that one but didn't go. Part of needing to say no has to do with our financial situation as well, it costs gas, gifts, $$$ to do these things, though I could find a way if I really wanted to. I don't. That aspect sure helps free the schedule too! Either way I'm free. We're speeding along in school and enjoying the moments of life without rushing them.


L said...

I'm having to tell people know due to finances, too. It's nice that you have a family to spend time with. When I say no to things, I'm stuck at home with my couch and computer :) But God is showing me that I can be content without jamming my life with social events.


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