Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh the Places You Will Go

Excuse me while I take another little jaunt, this time for our renewalmoon. Brando and I will be married ten years this year and we celebrated by renewing our vows on the beach he proposed to me at in a ceremony unlike our first. Our first had only ten people, this one we invited all, and as many as could be there in the two weeks short notice we gave them were there. My best friend from my childhood and my sister stood up next to me, and the boys, Brando's brother, and his childhood friend stood next to him. I designed my flowers, my sister-in-law sang You and Me by Lifehouse only changing the words "everything she does is beautiful, everything she does is right" to "everything you do is beautiful, everything you do is right", and we celebrated by having our favorite restaurants cater to my parents backyard on the harbor with a soundtrack made by my girlfriend, A, here in Texas. It was beautiful. Simple. Sweet. Perfect.

The week before we took a renewalmoon by visiting my cousin, whom I normally visit once a year. It was so much fun to take Brando this time and show him all my favorite haunts.

We started out with a California coast road trip via the Pacific Coast Highway along with appropriate road trip snacks of course,
past gorgeous California vineyards
down the historic El Camino Real,
a gas station stop and a quick picture in case I didn't get any more before the sun set, though fortunately I did.
Finally, the beautiful California coast gracing the road,
stopping at a vista point,
more coastal road side beauty,
then to see the sunset in Ventura.
We spent the next few days around Orange County and I can't wait to show you pictures of those adventures! It's so strange to have pictures of Brando and I instead of my cousin and I this time around, but I love it, and fortunately we still got a few super cute pictures of my cousin and I.


Mrs. Architect said...

I'm so so so bummed i missed it because my mom was here. Yall need to renewalmoon again another year so I can go! I'm SO ready to go back to SC! I love it there!!! I keep telling The Architect that one day we are going to take two weeks and start in San Diego and drive all the way up to Washington, stopping all along the way. I can't WAIT!

L said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and Brando! Ten years, woohoo! It sounds so sweet and beautiful. My roommate just did the PCH roadtrip! I couldn't take the time off work. :(

Zen is in said...

Im so glad you commented on my post cuz it reminded me to check yours! congratulations on 10 years! my bff and her hubbs are 8 years married and 10 yrs together. so amazing. you and Brando and the boyz seem to have a pretty amazing life. Im so jealous! Enjoy the beginning of the summer for cali anyways...........keep blogging once youre back in austin.

Cheers to you and Brando! Angie

PattyAnn said...

Congrats on ten years :)The pictures look beautiful, what great experiences the two of you have shared!

Mrs. Architect said...

Hurry up and post more on this amazing trip!!! I'm dying to see the pics and read all about it!! xoxoxo

Pink Sun Drops said...

Goldilocks, I cannot WAIT to go to SC with you one day!!! I so want to do a girls' road trip if you want to hop on board with me! I'd totally have fun with even one girl, but I need at least one person to commit to being there with me (that I'm darn sure wouldn't back out unless it was an emergency, that is) and I haven't found her yet. I wouldn't want to go on my own, lol, although that might be a blast in and of itself!

L, that's the difficult part about the coastal road trip - the driving time. You definitely have to a lot a little more time than the average weekend trip. My thoughts would be to drive 2-3 hours each day and spend a good solid 24 hours experiencing every aspect possible in that short time of each amazing little coastal town.

Zen, your life is one I look up to. The adventures you take, the love you have for your daughter and your parents and the people that come into your life amazes me, and I can only hope my heart is one day as big as yours.

Pittman, thanks, girl! Can you believe most of these experiences with just the two of us have been in the last few years? I'm pretty sure we've been desperately making up for all those parenting years and we are having a BLAST.

Goldilocks, again :), see my latest post just for you. I'm hoping you get to experience a little bit of being there by reading it.

cayman77 said...

Congrats on 10 years!!!!!


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