Monday, January 10, 2005


We drove up to Pismo Beach to see my good friend that I grew up with. She's married now, and has a 2 year old little girl and a baby boy on the way. We've been out here 4 months now and only saw her on the way out here, so it was about time and I talked to her earlier this week and she sounded a little depressed. It was time. We packed up our stuff Saturday morning, not knowing if it was going to be a day trip or an overnight trip and headed out.

The drive up was rainy but smooth, and we had the second of our discussions - the first was the evening before after the boys were in bed. We figured out some of the logistics of how we argue and how it becomes heated instead of a mature discussion and how we might avoid that in the future, all the while witn me taking "breaks" so I didn't get upset.

We arrived much later than planned due to a late start but still in plenty of time for a day of fun. The boys were ready for some romping and fortunently their adopted Auntie took that into consideration when she planned lunch and took us to Round Table Pizza, complete with arcade, tickets and all. After an enjoyable afternoon we went back to their home and the guys crashed at the house and us girls went shopping at the outlets for baby. I bought Baby Boy an adorable little set from Carter's for his very first few weeks with bright yellow duckies all over it, some fudge for Hubby because he was so sweet keeping both boys at the house and an apple pie caramel apple for her and I. Little Girl liked the apple, but not the caramel and white chocolate on it.

We dropped by Von's to get groceries for tacos and of course got Starbucks before we set out. Back at home, she made the best tacos I've ever eaten, the tortillas cooked in oil, then filled with the meat and put on a grill to fry both sides, then filled with tomatoes, avocadoes, onion, ranch sour cream, lettuce, and sharp cheddar cheese. A recipe learned from her hubby's family, I'll be making my tacos that way from now on.

Dinner finished at 8:30pm and we decided to stay the evening, it was dark and wet and rainy and it was a 3 hour drive home so we put Big Guy to bed and her hubby put Little Girl to bed and the 3 of us and Little Guy sat on the fold out sofa bed, ate ice cream and watched an episode of Smallville, one of the greatest shows ever, but that will be for another post.



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