Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Who's Out There?

I know we just had de-lurking day and a lot of people out there celebrated it, but honestly I didn't think I had any lurkers, so I just didn't. Whaddya' know Kismet came out to say hi just a day or two later and admitted she was a lurker. I feel completely flattered and if she had a website, I'd link to it.

That started me thinking if I have one lurker who's to say I don't have more? I've started to look at my stats a little more carefully. And I've noticed someone keeps coming back that's near my town. Which freaks me out just the tiniest bit. Do you know who you are? Come out and say hi so I stop freaking out here. Maybe it's nothing to worry about. And come to think of it, I know there's one site that's just a little ways away that I visit and hardly ever leave comments so maybe I shouldn't be so sketchy about it. Still. It's a very strange feeling.

Oh and Sam? Out of the last 100 or so they count, you've brought the most visitors to my site. Whoohoo I just think that's so much fun!



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