Saturday, January 22, 2005


I just found out yesterday that my friend back in Texas is making some progress with her son. He has just turned 3 but never has had solid #2's. She never thought much about it, thinking he was just still being a baby. But he stopped having just milk a long time ago, and that should stop then too. When this all came up she started realizing that that is very unusual and not normal. So along with his new diet she has been giving him enzymes for the last week - capsules that she breaks and pours over his food before he eats. They help him break down his food. 3 days went by with no poops, and then he had his first solid one! Every 3 days is normal for them - at least her husband and her older son, so that is a very big YEA for him! And for her! I am so excited - it's a step forward, something that says she is GOING in the right direction. There must be something going on there that he couldn't even have normal poops. And she's starting to figure it out. I am so excited for her, and him!



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