Monday, January 10, 2005


Somehow the weekend wrapped up into a very enjoyable, relaxing time for us all. And was I ever glad we were gone this weekend when I came home and found out my sister has moved out with her kids and is living in a studio behind her Mom's friends house. She served him divorce papers on New Years Eve and found out this last weekend her husband has been doing multiple kinds of drugs, besides just the marijuana she knew about, and had enough. She has a good friend, the one whose Mom's house she is living at, who helped her through the drama of it all, and my parents are in support of her, which is a good thing. My Dad realized her husband had a problem when he went over there on Christmas Day and he was all drugged out on the couch. I still sit back and hope the best for her, I don't want to get involved because she is always changing her mind although she says this is it. I don't want my energy drained, I need that for my own family. I believe there's a chain reaction in everything, and though I don't know if he ever was a good guy to begin with I know that the situations they have been in together and have created haven't helped either of them. I am hoping this will, or something.

On a lighter note... how is it I always say that after thinking about my sister? My parents are home from Hawaii, they left last Monday for a partial business trip there and got back today. They had a great time and brought the kids a few little things, just enough to have a present but not get all crazy. Hubby and I are thinking we want to take the kids to Hawaii sometime here soon. That or Paris. Hawaii is just a tad more kid oriented though.



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