Monday, January 10, 2005


It's been raining for weeks now. The entire new year. Rain, rain, and more rain. Friday a storm came in, a very windy, rainy storm. We drove by the ocean on our way to a store and it was so frothy and stormy and there were so many waves, I couldn't help but get the boys out and stop and see it after we finished our errand. We stayed out there for about half an hour, alternatively watching the sea, petting the adorable Labradoodle next to us, and watching the news crew set up for their 5 o'clock news. And listening to the crazy group of people next to us screaming because they thought they were going to be on TV. Fortunently they went away after a little while when they realized they weren't and peace resumed. As peaceful as a stormy, raging beautiful sea can be.

Walton Lighthouse

That evening Hubby took us on a date. We went by Pizza My Heart and got pizza and salad to take down to Neptune's Kingdom and mini golfed the night away. The boys loved it and even more so when they got to play video games afterwards.



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