Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Dress, or Outfit, oh Whatever

Continuing on from Thursday's comments...

Okay so the little black and maroon dress (Sam) I had picked out went out the door after my Mother's mention of it looking like a nightgown - okay so maybe it wasn't the perfect little black dress, one of these days I will have one of those. Oh well, it turns out to be a good thing as it just turned freezing out there after being a beautiful day.

After shopping all day yesterday and today it's suprising how little they actually have out there that's nice, but not too nice or not too straight jackety. ANY way I pulled a little of it all together and ended up with something I am almost happy with. A beautiful angora winter white sweater with a wrap (Cori) around the neck - a very flattering one with a shimmery (Girl) brooch like flower setting near the shoulder. The skirt is a straight sweet pale pink tweed with a perfect little flounce on the bottom (Pink Poppy). Of course I am going to wear my dangly earrings which will go perfect.

I did the smoky eyes (Cecilia) yesterday but am not sure if I will end up doing that or go with the light (Girl) because of my outfit change.

The shoes!! Ahh this is where I digress. I have a simple little creme colored beaded sandals with a small heel that work with the outfit, but aren't spectacular or stunning (how much can we go for right?) and I will probably only ever this one time. And I have a pair of strappy but not too strappy silver ones, also with a small heel, that I am wondering if they might work. I've also got black knee high boots which I would love to wear because it just turned cooold but I'm thinking that so does not work for semi-formal. I found a sweet little pair of chocolate brown and pale pink f* me heels as Girl puts it. But f* me if I could wear them, sheesh!! See, I'm not mad at you for being vulgar. They made my legs look not quite sexy when my veins decided to show.

So, quick, any suggestions? I can make a quick run to the mall. How sad is this that I don't have something even semi appropriate to wear to this place that I have to go and shop for it all a day or two before. Ah, well, at least I will have it now. That is why I would love to find a pair that doesn't just work, but looks perfect, or close enough.

Thank you guys for all your support. I know it's silly of me to stress about something really not so major, but I've never been to such a semi-formal, nice but not too nice, event before and it just has me worried sick that it will just be totally out of place.

UPDATE: I found them! The perfect little shoes with a mother of pearl looking flower that goes perfectly with the shimmery little flower that will be on my neckline. Who would've thought my Mom had them in her closet all along?



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