Monday, January 31, 2005


Have you ever come across someone who's just blatantly rude? Like they are having a bad day all day, every day. So short and uncaring that you just want to pop them. And they make you feel so small and worthless that you just want to crawl into a corner. Why are there people like that in the world?

Here's the scenario:
Me, calling my optometrist in Austin where I got my contacts for the glasses prescription with a long elaborate story of why I need it faxed to me, not the place where we are going to get the glasses, which they had previously said they wouldn't do.

So here I go launching into my story and she cuts me short with: What do you want me to do?

Me, taken aback: Fax it to me!!

Her: Is this your info?

Me: Yes.

Her: Okay. What's the fax number?

Me: Phone #.

Her: Okay. Click.

Me: Huh?

This is the same lady that wouldn't listen when I insisted if my contacts didn't come in before Tuesday that they would have to ship them to California. She just kept cutting me short and concentrating on the fact it would depend on when they shipped them to determine if they would come before Tuesday. Turns out I ended up waiting a month and a half for them. I absolutely love the doctor and every.single.other.person in that office otherwise I would switch just on account of her. I just hope she gets what's coming to her one of these days and starts to second guess the way she deals with people.



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