Monday, January 10, 2005


Hubby woke up to Little Girl seeing him sleeping lying in bed and saying very very cutely, "Wake UuuPP!!" His response? "NooOO!" Of course she didn't give up and promptly climbed up on him. Breakfast was delicious scrambled eggs and bacon and then the kids, hubby, good friend and I browsed the mall and ate at In N Out. Not too much to do, but very nice just spending time with her and Little Girl, as well as Hubby and the kids. About 2pm we said good-bye and headed home.

That evening we met up with a friend of Hubby's at Kianti's. It was the first time we have gotten together with any of Hubby's friends since we've been here, and it was very nice. His girlfriend was there, and it was only the second time I met her. They came over to check out our place afterwards. Can anybody tell me what it means when the girl stays in the kid's room the whole time? This is the second time this has happened with having couples over to our house, the first time we had our neighbors in our first apartment we had when we got married and this being the second. Both times I couldn't figure it out. It seems, before and after, that both girls were kind of snooty. Am I just completely reading them wrong or what?

It was a great evening, and I know Hubby was very glad to be able have a nice time with his old friends and his whole family.



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