Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Think I Need a Break

It's so easy to come here and vent, or even just talk about daily things, that I do instead of making the time and effort to tell my husband. And I feel it's destroying our relationship. Somehow in the midst of being healthy for me it's become such an outlet for me that it's very unhealthy for us. This next week is going to be extremely busy for us and I know if I don't do something now I will end up even more bitter than I am right now. I need a break. I'm thinking it's from talking to someone else besides him (the great wide internet) and so I'm going to stop. I may be on here to post little sweet things about my children, but only after I tell him. I've noticed I've told him less and less of the sweet things they do, because I just go and write it here. Once it's written I know it's there. But I forget that he hasn't heard it. And so he doesn't. And we're losing that connection, of just being. And I need it to survive.



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