Saturday, January 01, 2005

As An Update the previous story. My brother has already introduced his fiancee to his ex-wife and somehow in a love/hate relationship they all get along. In some way they spent New Year's together and went out to breakfast this morning! Okay, so I'm going to leave this story alone and just hope for the best for everybody involved. But I will answer Girl's questions first. I may remove these posts later... it's just too much drama for me and it's NOT me, just part of what goes on in this crazy town. Does this parellal your Dad's swinger style? Heeee you're not the only one with drama in your family!

Yes, from what I've heard, she's pregnant, and my SIL is glad it's not her. My brother is around 31 or 32. The fiancee just got here on Tuesday so I'm not really sure about how she feels about our relationship with SIL. As far as being genuinely in love?! I wonder what is love. I liked Amber's post, and my comment on there was that love to me is a commitment. The "in love" feeling is all too often confused with lust. And I'm pretty sure it's just that that I see there. But I hope not. I really do. Because once you end something you must start over somewhere. It was teasing, but not a "you're a goofball cut it out" kind of teasing, more like a "here let me do it".

The most important thing right now is an easy transition for them. I love them both and whatever they decide to do is their decision, I'll still love them. But I really hope that they both, now all three, find a peace for themselves so that they are comfortable and confident in their lives. Can men be Tall Poppy's too?


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